Simple, consistent & effective

Let your website do the hard work for you

Simple, consistent & effective

Let your website do the hard work for you

10 principles of a good website

Knowing the purpose of the website
User experience

Typography & readability
Load time
Mobile friendly

Responsive website design

By using WordPress software, AverDesign specialise in creating smooth and attractive responsive websites. What is fantastic about these type of websites is their ability to adjust and look amazing on whichever screen size / device they are viewed on. This type of website design is becoming more and more vital for businesses. Google announced that they have prioritised responsive website in its search engine results pages since April 2015.

So, the importance of having a responsive website is becoming increasingly more evident. This is where we come into it, we will discuss with you all aspects of creating the perfect website for your business and brand.


The process

Setting up and creating the website is of course the largest part of the work involved. In addition, we can set up a domain name and unlimited email accounts. We’ll provide a hosting package that offers maximum security, reliability and high speed performance. Furthermore and very importantly, we will optimise your website. SEO (Search engine optimisation) is one of the most crucial components of website building.

If you are opting for a CMS (Content Management System) we will spend some time explaining how to use it. If you are not sure what a CMS is, it enables you to update certain parts of the site without altering the main structure.

We will provide you with an accurate quote once we’ve established the entire work required to build the website, see our price list. Once we have a clear understanding of your expectations and requirements we will draw up an itemised quote for you to consider.

“Your website should be your calling card, or your business front door.” – James Schramko

Adobe stated the following two facts:

38% of people will stop engaging with a website if the content / layout is unattractive in its layout or imagery (and when a website isn’t responsive, it can very easily become unattractive on certain screens.)

Nearly 8 out of every 10 consumers would stop engaging with a piece of content if it didn’t display well on the device they were using.


Shopping online has become the norm for millions of people around the world. Online shoppers now have confidence in buying goods and receiving the same type of support that they would have if they bought an item in person. New services and features are constantly being added by businesses to help shoppers buy their products in comfort.

It is expected that in twenty years from now, 95% of all purchases will be via ecommerce. The biggest reason why people make online purchases is they can shop 24/7.

Various attributes help create a great ecommerce website. The shopper must find the layout smooth and the navigation easy. Quality photographs and a clean overall visual appearance of the online store is very important. Buyers like free shipping and dislike complicated return policies.

The benefits

  • Flexible and secure payments

    Our ecommerce feature comes bundled with the ability to accept major credit cards, bank transfers (BACS), and cash on delivery. Beyond the basics, there are 140 region-specific gateways to choose from and integrate with, including Stripe, PayPal, Square, and Amazon Pay. Apple Pay, Google Pay, subscriptions, and deposits are also supported.

  • Manage orders on the go

    The dashboard has a straightforward interface to enable store managers the ability to update products and fulfil orders. You can save time with automated tax calculations, live shipping rates from leading carriers and options to print labels. This all comes with a mobile app for iOS and Android.

  • Sell anything

    From simple physical products and appointments to members-only digital content, you can sell anything with our platform. Let customers choose from endless product variations, subscription options, single items, or bundles.

  • Sell to the world

    You can make your store more customer-friendly with multilingual content and prices in multiple currencies.

The main reasons transactions fail at the checkout
Shipping is too expensive 63%
Invalid discount code 46%
Shipping takes too long 36%
Credit card needs re-entering 30%
Having to re-enter address 25%

Stats by Statista

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